About us

Education for Life from the Publisher that Cares


In 1994, Burlington Books became the first publisher specialising in English textbooks to publish materials specifically designed for the education system in Spain. Today, we are the favourite choice for ESO and Bachillerato teachers in Spain. More than half of all Bachillerato students use our books and digital materials to learn English.

We have offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville, Valencia and A Coruña, and our team of representatives accompanies educational centres and teachers throughout the year, offering them a personalised service and technological advice.

At Burlington Books, we understand the needs of the teaching profession. Throughout all stages of the publishing process, we consult and collaborate with teachers from all the autonomous communities. Without their help, it would be impossible to create practical materials that really work in the classroom.

The key to Burlington Books’ success lies in the quality of our publications, the service we offer and our belief that Burlington Books’ users deserve only the very best.


This is a phase in which students need quality education that prepares them for life and a comprehensive education that offers them the tools to be the protagonists of their own learning through receiving a solid education in values.

Our main goal as a book publisher is to connect with students, motivating and accompanying them on their formative and evolutionary journey.


The educational process is full of needs at different levels. Addressing all these demands is part of our philosophy and constant effort to provide the tools for our students to become competent citizens for the challenges of the 21st century.

Educating with care for any digital, educational, technological, training, students’, teachers’ and assessment needs.


At Burlington Books, we provide a customised approach to each school, help identify the students’ needs and develop a tailor-made training solution for teachers. We offer proposals to complement your knowledge and skills, and we support you in management training and classroom development. In addition, we design the study plans with the teaching staff and we tailor our materials to your needs, providing customised solutions to promote student learning.


VTEST is revolutionising the English-language assessment market in Primary and Secondary Education with quality, flexible and cost-effective assessment solutions which can be trusted by stakeholders, learners, teachers, parents and policymakers.

VTEST can be of great help to institutions and educators in a variety of ways: to detect the entry level of new entrants to schools, to group students by language levels, and also to incorporate information in evaluation processes and to be able to detect the areas of the language in which to pay the necessary attention according to the needs of each centre.


Live Speaking reinforces what has been learned in primary school by developing adult, reflective and forward-looking skills. We start this stage of preparation for life with an interactive online tool for Speaking skill development — the most difficult skill to practise in classrooms in Spain. Aimed at primary and secondary school students, Live Speaking is a bridge between the two educational stages.


Burlington Books enables students to achieve digital competence naturally, providing digital resources to learn English in either a blended or fully digital environment.

Our digital materials also encourage learners to explore the possibilities of digital learning as a source of further cultural and general information. The Burlington Digital Package (at app.burlingtonenglish.com) incorporates Interactive Classroom for teachers, and Interactive Student and Wordlist Plus for students, enabling students to use digital resources independently at home, as well as with their teachers in the classroom, in a responsible and enriching way.


BurlingtonEnglish is a unique blended English program for young adults, offering comprehensive General English courses together with a range of Courses for Specific Careers. Each course combines online modules which can be used anytime and anywhere, with downloadable print materials approriate for face-to-face instruction. All these materials are carefully blended, providing both teachers and students with a complete language-learning solution.