English proficiency tests for kids​

A new generation of language tests that motivate and reward learners!

VTest is revolutionising the Primary and Secondary Education English-language assessment market with quality, flexible and cost-effective assessment solutions which can be trusted by Primary and Secondary Education stakeholders, learners, teachers, parents and policymakers.

VTest can be of great help to institutions and educators in a variety of ways: to detect the entry level of new entrants to schools, to group students by language levels and also to incorporate information in evaluation processes and to be able to detect the areas of the language in which to pay the necessary attention according to the needs of each centre.

A unique testing experience

VTest is not a pass or fail exam: It places students exactly at their level of English at the moment they are taking the test.

VTest offer online, CEFR-aligned English proficiency tests for young learners:

  • VTest for Schools: Ages 7–10 from Pre-A1 to B1.
  • Administration mode: At school, in class.
  • Benefit from a virtual friend and progress rewards.
  • Operates on a web-based platform, no downloads or plug-ins required.
  • Accessible from either a laptop or a tablet.

A new learning journey

An objective way to assess all four skills, and get Can-do alignment and feedback:

  • A modular test design: All four skills can be taken at once, or separately, or in combination, including L&R, 4SKILLS, L&R and Writing, Speaking as a stand-alone module.
  • Feedback-oriented: We provide precise CEFR levels for each of the four skills, relevant Can-do and suggestions.
  • Convenient for in-class management: The test has been designed with the same duration, whatever the level of the student may be.
  • Success-oriented: We give learners confidence and help them enjoy the testing experience.
  • Adaptive by stage: The difficulty of the items is organised by stage. Depending on the student’s answers, he / she can be placed on the same level or onto the next level.
  • VTest is not a pass or fail exam: It places students exactly at their level of English at the moment they are taking the test.

Research & Expertise

  • Market-relevant: Based on collaboration with teachers, learners and directors of studies from many countries.
  • Produced by experts: Developed by our test designers, young-learners item writers and illustrations designers.
  • Research: Project and research studies are conducted, including standard setting and linking to CEFR.
  • Documentation: We provide a manual and instructions guide, as well as practice tests for teachers and students.

For more information, visit our VTEST for Schools website.