Student's Resources for SOCIAL SCIENCE ESO 1

Geography Hall of FameGrid ReferencesSymbols and KeysGeography of the UKEngland (World Atlas)United Kingdom (Fact Monster)LandformsMount Everest FactsCoastal LandformsEXTRA: Go to Seaside Tours. Click on the Flickr icons in the photo and list all the coastal landforms that you can see.RiversWorld Rivers (on the left )Weather (BBC) EXTRA: On the BBC Weather page above, click on "UK Forecast" on the left. Scroll down and play the forecast video. Write down the weather expressions you recognize.CloudsClimate GraphWorld ClimateBecoming HumanEXTRA: Caveman Challenge GameCatalhoyuk EXTRA: On the Catalhoyuk website above, explore a Catalhoyuk home or make a Neolithic meal.StonehengeAtapuercaLascauxAltamiraThe Nile in Ancient EgyptWho Killed King Tut?Tutankhamn (on the left)EXTRA: Go on a virtual tour of King Tut's tomb.The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient EgyptHieroglyphicsEXTRA: Explore an Egyptian mummy. Watch the video and help mummify the pharoah.The Romans in BritainAncient GreeceAncient Roman TechnologyEXTRA: Read about Ancient Roman leisure and correct the false sentences below. 1. The shows at Roman ampitheatres and theatres were expensive. 2. Actors in the theatre wore masks and wigs. 3. Sometimes gladiators fought wild animals like bears and lions. 4. If the audience put their thumbs out, it meant they wanted the gladiator to live. 5. Chariot races took place at the Circus Maximus. 6. Romans used public baths only to keep clean.The OlympiansLegend of the Trojan HorseEXTRA: Write a paragraph about the Greek hero Hercules and the Twelve Labours.