Soft Skills For Specific Careers

These courses address the four language skills while teaching career-specific vocabulary. Important soft skills, such as how to go through the interview process and how to communicate with supervisors, colleagues and customers, are embedded throughout. The series includes jobs such as dental assistants, retail salespeople, childcare workers and many more.

Soft Skills Components


  • General Course Information
  • Ideas for face-to-face activities
  • Comprehensive course overview including scope & sequence


  • Online independent lessons complement and reinforce the content of the worksheets
  • Accessible on all devices, anytime, anywhere
  • Inmediate feedback promotes student persistence


  • Monitor class and individual student usage, scores and completion for each module and lesson
  • Data helps guide classroom instruction and student goal setting
  • Students can track their time, scores and completion


  • Expansion worksheets with additional communicative activities
  • Teacher’s notes for every worksheet


  • Additional vocabulary practice to enrich instruction and enhance students’ independent study
  • Translations, example sentences, audio and games
  • Individualised pronunciation feedback with the unique Speech Trainer

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