Teamwork puts the LOMLOE requirements into practice. Teamwork is a clearly structured, flexible course that provides mixed-ability classes with the English skills they need for the 21st century.
Learning English Together
Integrated videos, slideshows and interactive whiteboard games motivate the students to participate in class.
Constant recycling of language, frequent language summaries and review sections help learners consolidate their language acquisition.
Burlington Teamwork offers a gradual and carefully controlled progression through ESO with the option of additional language work in the Optional Grammar Extension and Fast Finishers sections.
Graded productive Teamwork activities move students gradually on towards simple, but effective, communicative competence. Simple collaborative projects enable them to work together in English.
These include Use of English Tests, Competences Assessment and Progress Check materials for students.
For The Teacher
  • Teacher's Manual (interleaved with Student's Book)
  • Class Audio
  • Teacher's All-in-One Pack
  • Interactive Classroom with interactive whiteboard materials and Test Factory and Other Resources
  • Further Teacher's Resources in My Burlington section

All teacher’s materials are FREE for Burlington users.

For The Student
  • Student's Book
  • Workbook with full-colour Language Builder section
  • Interactive Student
  • WordApp

Also available: Andalusian Student’s Books; Catalan Workbooks and Basic Practice Books; Basque and Galician separatas in the Student’s Zone