Network puts the LOMLOE requirements into practice. Network is a carefully graded modular-based course that provides students with the skills they need for the 21st century.
Setting the standard for effective learning
Students are exposed to a wide variety of up-to-date topics, text types and audio, as well as cultural and communication video materials.
Network combines integrated skills work and practical productive tasks with solid vocabulary and grammar presentations to develop learning competences and life skills. Optional projects may also be done as collaborative activities.
Innovative structure gives students a sense of progress
Carefully structured tasks give students the opportunity to express themselves in real-life situations.
These include Section Tests, Use of English Tests, Competences Assessment as well as Progress Check materials for Students.
For The Teacher
  • Teacher's Manual (interleaved with Student's Book)
  • Class Audio
  • Teacher's All-in-One Pack
  • Digital Teacher's Resources in My Burlington with:

    – Interactive Classroom with fully interactive whiteboard materials + Burlington’s unique online/offfline hybrid software
    – Test Factory and Other Editable Resources with all the material from the Teacher’s All-in-One Pack in editable Word format
    – Burlington ESO Grammar Factory with ready-to-use grammar exercises and a varied bank of build-your-own grammar exercises, enabling teachers to create their own exams at the touch of a button and save them for future use
    – Burlington ESO Culture Bank with cultural and cross-curricular screens and quizzes

Also available: Catalan Workbooks and Basic Practice Books; Galician separatas in the Student’s Zone

For The Student
  • Student's Book
  • Workbook with full-colour Language Builder section
  • Interactive Student
  • WordApp

All teacher’s materials are FREE for Burlington users!