Mindset puts the LOMLOE requirements into practice. It's a challenging and innovative course that offers solid preparation for university entrance examinations while covering all the official requirements for Bachillerato.
Put Your Mind to Work
Mindset provides solid preparation for university entrance exams, while consolidating general language skills with exam preparation sections in both the Student’s Book and Workbook.
Mindset offers a strong focus on vocabulary acquisition and pronunciation skills, systematically integrating these crucial language areas into the development of all the other language skills.
Burlington Mindset gets students to think about language and to use it effectively for real communication.
In the Life Skills, Life Skills Project and the English Around the World sections, Mindset reminds students that language learning goes beyond passing an exam, and prepares them to operate effectively in English in real-life situations they will face outside the classroom.
The All-in-One Pack includes video worksheets, external exam practice, learning standards evaluation and collaborative projects
For The Teacher
  • Teacher's Manual (interleaved with Student's Book)
  • Class Audio
  • Teacher's All-in-One Pack
  • Interactive Classroom with interactive whiteboard materials, Test Factory and Other Resources and audio
  • My Burlington includes further teacher's resources and complete exams for all regions.

All teacher’s materials are FREE for Burlington users

For The Student
  • Student's Book with Vocabulary Builder
  • Workbook
  • Interactive Student
  • WordApp

Also available: Catalan editions – printed; Basque and Galician separatas; English edition Workbook