A truly communicative course to challenge your students!
A truly communicative course to challenge your students!
Living English coffers a wide range of vocabulary, frequent speaking tasks, varied listenings and plenty of personalised productive practice.
Living English includes two vocabulary sections as well as extra Word Power activities to boost vocabulary acquisition.
The whiteboard materials integrate up-to-date video links in every unit with authentic videos from international news agencies, documentaries and other English-speaking media programmes. Plus - English Everywhere: a flexible video for Bachillerato with functional language episodes, cultural videos and exam practice for FCE-type oral examinations. Includes printed worksheets.
Varied activtiies include Selectividad preparation tasks as well as B2-style exercises as found in the Cambridge FCE format. The content broadens students' general knowledge, and extra readings introduce them to English language culture and literature.
Living English offers an interleaved Teacher's Manual and a Teacher's All-in-One Pack with tests, practice exams and photocopiable worksheets. The Digital Teacher's Resources include the interactive whiteboard with wordlists and dictations, the Teacher's All-in-One in editable Word format, the unique PAU Examination Builder, as well as digital books for use in the 1x1 classroom.
For The Teacher
  • Teacher's Manual (interleaved with Student's Book)
  • Class Audio
  • Teacher's All-in-One Pack
  • Digital Teacher's Resources in My Burlington with:

    Interactive Digital Student’s Book and Workbook for Whiteboards
    Complete exams for all regions in Exam Section
    Test Factory and Other Resources in editable Word format, which includes all the material from the Teacher’s All-in-One Pack, and all the reading texts and listening scripts from the Student’s Book

  • English Everywhere video and worksheets

All teacher’s materials are FREE for Burlington users.

For The Student
  • Student's Book
  • Workbook also includes Vocabulary Builder and Exam Preparation Section (Level 1)
  • Living English Interactive
  • WordApp

Also available: Catalan editions – printed; Basque and Galician separatas – in the Student’s Zone