English for Adults Today covers all the skills while focusing on functional language to enable adult learners to perform practical, everyday language tasks.
Today's English for Today's Adults
Language practice exercises build up gradually to a productive communicative task where language is used in everyday situations.
A comprehensive grammar syllabus is carefully distributed over the two levels. Level 2 offers grammar extension materials for stronger students. Enlarged grammar presentation boxes are available on the whiteboard presentation materials.
Reading texts expose students to a variety of authentic text types such as advertisements, blogs and e-mails, and also include cultural information texts.
Vocabulary is presented and practised in lexical groups, Today’s English highlights useful everyday expressions and the Cumulative Vocabulary Practice section helps consolidate vocabulary acquisition. The whiteboard presentation materials offer interactive wordlists for vocabulary presentation.
For The Teacher
  • Teacher's Manual
  • Class Audio CDs
  • Whiteboard support

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For The Student
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