These workbooks provide teachers with materials for students with little or no knowledge of English, who need to adapt to the ESO classroom and to be integrated into normal class activities. The worksheets offer basic practice activities in photocopiable or workbook format. Teachers can either photocopy worksheets for individual cases or recommend the workbooks for students to work through systematically.
  • Level 1 introduces letter formation, basic reading skills and simple everyday vocabulary
  • Level 2 revises and extends the basic topic vocabulary and introduces basic grammatical structures
  • Level 3 develops vocabulary further and practises reading and short sentences
  • Students build up their own survival word bank as they work through the workbooks
  • Bilingual exercise instructions
  • Class audio CD (Level 1)
  • Tests for all levels available in My Burlington
  • Teacher's Book
The Teacher's Book offers:
  • Suggestions for oral activities
  • Suggestions for teaching letter formation
  • Extra photocopiable handwriting practice sheets

Catalan editions available