Advanced Options is a challenging, new five-level course specifically designed for the LOMLOE. The five levels offer variable starting points based on the CEFR.
Advance your Options!
Each learning situation builds up to an individual or collaborative project, enabling students to practise the key competences in real-life contexts and to develop teamwork skills. Advanced Options also includes a wide range of activities to promote mediation skills.
Each module in Advanced Options includes a specific exam practice section for Key-, Preliminary- and First-style examinations.
Advanced Options is a new, higher level, modular-based course consisting of five levels to provide variable starting points based on the CEFR. Modules incorporate advanced language development and extensive vocabulary work using a wide variety of engaging, up-to-date topics and text types. Advanced Options also features the best in digital materials.
Advanced Options includes peer assessment, self-assessment and reflection, encouraging students to become autonomous and critical thinkers with positive attitudes to learning.
For The Teacher
  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Class Audio
  • Teacher’s All-in-One Pack including Competence Tests
  • Digital Options with interactive whiteboard materials and Test Factory and Other Editable Resources
  • Further Teacher’s Resources at My Burlington section

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For The Student
  • Student’s Book
  • Workbook in colour
  • Digital Options adn Wordlist Plus at My Burlington section