Educating with care


The educational process is full of needs at different levels. Addressing all these demands is part of our philosophy and constant effort to provide the tools for our students to become competent citizens for the challenges of the 21st century:

  • Educating in a safe and intuitive digital and technological environment is essential. Actually, our platform helps to continuously develop the digital competence and includes a wide range of suggestions and activities. At the same time, it makes students participate in their progress by encouraging their own self-learning and autonomy.
  • Helping students receive a comprehensive education through the acquisition of meaningful values and making them prepared for life.
  • Educating students to respect other cultures through our Culture Classes, which are taught by native teachers with an extensive experience and recognised prestige.
  • Educating students by providing them with the necessary tools to accompany them on their formative journey and personal growth.
  • Supporting teachers in the educational process and providing them with the appropriate materials for each specific situation, and also offering them all the necessary assessment tools needed for each circumstance.
  • Supporting and responding to teachers’ day-to-day requests in a fast, efficient and committed way.
  • Responding quickly to the classroom and teachers’ needs as they change over time.

Inclusive education is one of the fundamental pillars of the educational approach at Burlington Books as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Flexibility in our methods helps each student achieve their learning goals throughout their learning. At the same time, we help teachers cater to the uniqueness of each student in order to help them achieve their goals through:

  • Level-adapted activities in the Workbooks.
  • A basic version of the Workbooks that adapts to the level of students.
  • Reinforcement and extension material which is available on our website.
  • Different approaches to grammar acquisition (videos, grammar animations and presentations, full appendices, summary charts, etc.).
  • A variety of activities that cover different learning styles (visual, auditory, creative, etc.).
  • Numerous assessment tools.

Educating with care for any digital, educational, technological, training, students’, teachers’ and assessment needs.