About us

Education for Life from the Publisher that Cares


An educational project that integrates schools, teachers, students and families.


  • 1. High level of linguistic competence

  • 2. Focus on preparation for official exams

  • 3. Complete preparation, practice and university entrance exams

  • 4. Personalised service for the centres: specialist advisors assigned to each centre


  • 1. Wide range of material adapted to the different levels of students in the classroom

  • 2. Wide range of support resources

  • 3. Professional development: we help identify the needs of the school and develop a tailor-made training solution for teachers


  • 1. Development of language and other key competences

  • 2. Skills development for the 21st century: integrating language teaching and the reinforcement of skills necessary for personal, social and professional growth

  • 3. Adapted to the pace of each learner: different learning tools depending on the needs of each learner


  • 1. Tools to support your children’s learning

  • 2. Tools for monitoring your children’s learning

  • 3. Extracurricular Live Speaking sessions


We specialise in the fundamental phase of student development, encompassing ESO and Bachillerato.

This is when students need to receive a quality education that prepares them for the future and a comprehensive education that provides them with the necessary tools to become the protagonists of their own learning through a solid education in values.

‘We primarily focus on connecting with all students, motivate them, and accompany them throughout their training and development as individuals’.


It is part of our philosophy to attend to the different needs that arise during the educational process:

  • We provide a comprehensive personal education focused on acquiring values and helping students prepare for the future.
  • We promote an education based on respect for other cultures: we offer Cultural Sessions taught by native teachers with extensive experience and recognised prestige.
  • We facilitate education in a safe and intuitive digital and technological environment.
  • We support teachers in every step of the educational process and provide them with the appropriate materials and assessment tools for each circumstance.

‘Committed to the specific needs of schools. We help them in their daily lives in a fast, efficient, and personalised way’.

Burlington Education Ecosystem

An innovative project, constantly updated, made up of four pillars:


We have created this map with suggestions of possible routes. Your Burlington Books consultant will help you find the right solution for your centre. See all possible itineraries:


At Burlington Books, we give a personalised approach to each school, offering help in identifying their needs and developing a tailor-made training solution for teachers.  

In addition, we offer proposals to complement their knowledge and skills, and we support them in managing and developing the classes.

We develop customised learning solutions and help adapt materials.

Teacher training materials:

  • Tailor-made: depending on the needs and requirements of each centre. Our experienced team of Teacher Trainers helps find the ideal training solution for each school.
  • Heterogeneous: our training offer is adapted to the wide variety of situations that can arise in a classroom. In addition, it adapts to the demands of technological and educational developments.
  • Enriching: At Burlington Books, we know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to create a programme that covers the whole curriculum, especially given the constant changes in legislation. We help enrich and improve the curriculum with a personalised approach and suggest additional resources to enable students to achieve their study objectives.

For a list of Culture Classes and Literature Lessons, click here.